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Introducing Exparel to the practice

During the past few years, Dr. Castellon’s patients have said that they wish they could reduce discomfort during the first few days after surgery which are generally when patients feel the most discomfort. That is why Dr. Castellon has made the decision to bring exparel into his practice.

What is Exparel?

Exparel is a non-narcotic local analgesic. It is administered during your surgery directly around the surgical site. A single application of exparel anesthetizes the surgical area and reduces post-operative pain for up to 72 hours.

Surgeons use Exparel to numb the area on your body where your surgery is performed. Exparel is specially formulated to slowly release a proven ingredient—called bupivacaine—over time. This slow-release makes it possible for Exparel to control pain after surgery and potentially decrease your need for narcotic medication with just a single dose.

Exparel Melbourne

What makes Exparel different?

Exparel starts controlling postsurgical pain before you wake up from surgery. Exparel is also long-lasting, which can mean less pain and less need for other pain medications. In clinical trials, some patients didn’t need to take narcotic pain medications at all. Exparel numbs just the area around the surgical site, so it is a targeted dose. Exparel is not a narcotic, so it is safer for patients following surgery to reduce pain.

Castellon Plastic Surgery Center strives to give patients the best surgery possible which is why we offer Exparel Melbourne plastic surgery patients get a private and serene environment to explore the variety of cosmetic surgery options. Contact us to set up your consultation, Dr. Castellon will be more than happy to see you answer your questions. 321.729.9909

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