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Raise And Reshape Sagging Breasts

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, raises and reshapes sagging breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning the remaining tissue and nipples. Women choose to have breast lift surgery after pregnancy, when they are older or to improve their natural breast shape. Castellon Plastic Surgery Center, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Mauricio J. Castellon, MD, offers breast lifts and other types of breast enhancement for women who live in Melbourne, Brevard County and the surrounding communities of Central Florida.


Sagging breasts are embarrassing for women and make them feel less attractive and confident. Bras can certainly help the situation, but women want to be happy with their figures even without supportive garments.

Many factors cause the breasts to hang down on the chest, such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight loss
  • Aging
  • Natural breast anatomy
Breast Lift Melbourne
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With mastopexy, you can change the position of your breasts and give them a more perky appearance without breast implants. Breast lift surgery does not add volume to the breasts. Rather, your breasts look fuller because they are “lifted” higher. Breast lift surgery will:

Correct downward pointing nipples

Give breasts a fuller appearance

Help bras and other clothing fit better


You may want to delay your breast lift surgery if you plan on having more children. The reason is that pregnancy and breastfeeding will change your breast shape and size, and you may need a second surgery.

Younger women may want breast lift surgery because their natural breasts hang low on the chest. Mothers and older women have the surgery to repair the effects of stretched skin and reduced volume caused by aging, pregnancy, and weight changes. You should be in good physical health and near your ideal weight. If you plan on losing weight, we recommend that your weight stabilize for six months to one year before having breast lift surgery.


Your mastopexy will be performed at a surgery center that is fully staffed with anesthesiologists, surgical nurses, and other medical professionals.

You should arrive at the center at least one hour prior to your surgery time. Nurses will prepare you for surgery, and the anesthesiologist will provide a sedative and anesthesia before you are taken into the operating room. After the surgery, you will spend some time in the recovery area before being sent home. You should have someone drive you home after the surgery.

Breast Lift Consultation

Do your breasts hang low on your chest? If so, breast lift surgery may be right for you. Known for his amazing bedside manner, Dr. Mauricio J. Castellon, a board-certified plastic surgeon, strives to offer the best breast lift Melbourne and Brevard County have to offer. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do before having mastopexy?

If you are considering mastopexy, meet with Dr. Castellon, a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-respected amongst his patients and peers. He will help you understand how breast lift surgery will improve your breast position so that you have realistic expectations of the procedure.

How long does it take to perform mastopexy?

Breast lift surgery can take 90 minutes to four hours. Longer breast lift surgeries typically involve placing breast implants in addition to the breast lift.

What should I expect after my breast lift?

You will feel very tired after the surgery, so you will need a friend or family member to drive you home. Expect to rest for the first 24 to 48 hours. One to two weeks after the surgery, you will meet with Dr. Castellon for a follow-up appointment. He will check how you are healing and remove the sutures from your incisions. You will need to limit your activities for at least three weeks.

Will I have scars from my mastopexy?

Melbourne breast lift patients will have permanent scarring at the base of the breasts where the excess skin is removed. The scars will fade over time.

When will I see full results of my breast lift?

You will see improvement in your breasts immediately after the breast lift surgery. Full results can take several months.

How long will the results of mastopexy last?

The results of your mastopexy are permanent, but your breast shape, size, and position can change due to aging, pregnancy and weight fluctuations. If you want to extend the results of your breast lift Melbourne plastic surgeon Dr. Castellon may recommend that you have a combination: breast augmentation with a lift.

How much does breast lift cost in Melbourne?

Breast lift surgery is not covered by insurance. After your consultation, we are better able to provide a cost of your mastopexy. Castellon Plastic Surgery Center accepts payment by cash and check as well as credit card, including MasterCard® and Visa®. If you are interested in financing the cost of your breast lift, we encourage you to apply with CareCredit® and

Come visit Dr. Castellon and our team of and let us help you achieve the spectacular skin you deserve!

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