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Reduce The Appearance Of Your Scars

Scar removal procedures help to minimize the appearance of a scar and help it blend with the surrounding skin. Castellon Plastic Surgery Center, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Mauricio J. Castellon, MD, offers surgical and non-surgical procedures for scar removal or revision for men and women who live in Melbourne, Brevard County and the surrounding communities of Central Florida.


A scar is the body’s natural way of healing and replacing lost or damaged skin. Scars may appear anywhere on the body, and may vary in appearance. Visible scars are often unavoidable as a result of injury or surgery.

As time passes, the soft tissue surrounding the affected area may change shape, dimple, become sunken, uneven, or raised as the body heals. There are surgical and non-surgical scar removal techniques available to reduce the appearance of the scar or make it appear more naturally aligned with the contours of your aesthetic features.

Scar Removal Melbourne FL
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Scar revision surgery uses advanced techniques to provide a more pleasing cosmetic result or improve a scar that has healed poorly. The main goal is to minimize a scar so it is less conspicuous and blends in with the surrounding skin tone and texture. Scar removal surgery may include repositioning of the scar or aligning it to appear less noticeable with the contours of your natural features.

Scar Removal Procedures


Silagen Gel contains pure medical grade silicone to help reduce the appearance and texture of scars. It contains 100% pure medical grade silicone gel and dries faster than any other gels on the market with a soft and silky feel on your skin. There are no extra potentially irritating ingredients contained in the gel, and is Dr. Castellon’s choice for scar treatment after surgery as the first step in scar removal.


Dermapen is the leading device for microneedling procedures on the neck, face and chest. The technology behind the Dermapen device has made it the gold standard for microneedling treatments. An estimated 7,000 practices use Dermapen, and Castellon Plastic Surgery Center is proud to bring this incredible anti-aging treatment to men and women in Central Florida. Clinical studies and practical experience have proven that microneedling with Dermapen produces amazing results without surgery for acne scars and keloid scars.


Fractora is a radiofrequency microneedling device that provides anti-aging improvements on skin tone, texture and firmness for a more radiant look. The system’s unique “pin-based” technology is relatively new, providing deep-reaching results for all skin types. Fractora uses microfine pins that rejuvenate and tighten skin at scalable depths depending on the problem and severity with minimal discomfort. For our Melbourne scar removal patients, Fractora is the way to go for treating stretch marks, acne scars, surgical scars and even traumatic scars.


This is an effective treatment for all sorts of scars, since it simultaneously breaks down old scar tissue while stimulating the production of new collagen. Laser Genesis stimulates this response by creating a “thermal injury” in the deeper levels of your skin, which results in your skin generating new collagen — “stitching” together your skin for an increasingly invisible scar with each additional treatment. This is an excellent choice for stretch marks, surgical, and traumatic scars.

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We strive to deliver the best treatments for scar removal Melbourne, Brevard County and the surrounding communities of Central Florida have to offer. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions


The number of treatments will vary based on the appearance of the individual scar. Typically, we recommend three to five treatments for best results using non-surgical techniques.


As an elective procedure, scar removal treatments are not covered by your medical insurance. During your consultation, we will determine how many treatments you need to achieve the best results. After the consultation, we will provide a total cost for your procedure. Castellon Plastic Surgery Center accepts payment by cash and check as well as credit card, including MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Visa. If you are interested in financing the cost of your treatment, we encourage you to apply with CareCredit and

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