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Plastic surgery for men is growing fast

This trend has increased in social acceptance as innovative technology comes to the forefront, offering more options that are non-invasive with no-downtime. Men are able to combat the signs of aging, maintain their competitive edge and gain confidence amongst their peers. Our practice is experienced in the many surgical and non-surgical cosmetic options available for men. Dr. Castellon has expertise in using techniques to create uniquely masculine results. At Castellon Plastic Surgery Center, we understand the subtle distinctions that result in handsome and natural-looking features while keeping in mind individual patient goals, privacy and time-frame. At our practice in Melbourne Male Plastic Surgery procedures are commonly performed, as detailed below.


Gynecomastia is a medical condition that causes enlarged breasts in adult men. The condition normally begins in puberty, and as an adolescent boy gets older, the condition normally resolves without medical intervention. In some cases, though, the enlargement remains into adulthood.

Gynecomastia can be the cause of severe embarrassment and self-consciousness, especially since men frequently expose the upper body in locker rooms, while playing sports, and at the pool or beach. Due to the nature of the enlargement, diet and exercise cannot restore the man’s breast size. Gynecomastia surgery is most often the only option for men with enlarged breasts. As a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in male plastic surgery Melbourne based surgeon Dr. Castellon uses liposuction and other specific techniques to give your chest a masculine appearance.

Gynecomastia surgery Melbourne
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The “ideal” male body shape is considered to be athletic-looking, with broad shoulders and chest, a flat abdomen and a narrow hip-thigh area. However, as men age, areas of fat tend to accumulate around the midsection, flanks (“love handles”), and along the chin and neck.

Men may seek liposuction to remove these fatty areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. In many cases, liposuction alone can effectively correct these problem areas. Men retain their skin elasticity longer than women do, and the areas of fat beneath the skin tend to be firmer and more vascular than those in women. Because of these and other factors, liposuction in men is usually a good alternative for fat reduction.


A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is common for men wanting to reduce thickness through the middle. The procedure can reduce loose skin and excess fat, and tighten loose muscles, restoring a tighter, toned looking stomach. Many male patients are successful in defining muscles and strengthening their arms and legs but struggle with stubborn fat around the midsection. A Male Tummy Tuck may be the right solution.


Unlike the procedure performed on women, a brow lift and forehead lift for men is not intended to raise the brows (a feminizing feature). In men, this procedure is designed to reduce the appearance of furrows or frown lines between the brows and smooth out creases along the forehead. Frown lines, deep furrows, and forehead creases all contribute to an older, stressed or angry appearance. Dr. Castellon utilizes techniques that produce a very natural-looking outcome that compliments the male anatomy.


Both skin and muscle lose elasticity with age, leading to softening of the face and neck (jowls). A face lift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is designed to reduce hanging skin and tighten muscles to reveal a more youthful appearance. Dr. Castellon specializes in the innovative, minimally-invasive facelift known as a MACS (minimal access cranial suspension) lift.

The surgery lasts under two hours and provides similar results to a traditional facelift with significantly less scarring. The MACS facelift differs from other facelift procedures because the incision is placed in front of the ear, around the earlobe and behind the ear. The placement hides the resulting scar very well. No incision is required along the hairline. A neck lift may be combined with a face lift to present a more structured jawline and smooth neckline that tends to show more when wearing collared shirts. A neck lift also reduces excess skin fat deposits that can contribute to the appearance of a double chin. These procedures can create smoother skin and a more masculine, chiseled profile.


Being viewed as attractive has a close correlation to facial symmetry. Often times, men who feel they have disproportionate noses may greatly benefit from a rhinoplasty, or nose job. Reshaping the nose to balance facial features can provide subtle yet dramatic improvement to the entire face and profile view.


There are numerous non-surgical rejuvenation treatments that are designed to contour and refresh facial features, including Botox, dermal fillers, and laser skin resurfacing. Utilizing techniques exclusive to men, our aesthetics team can often diminish signs of aging, add volume, reduce pigmentation, and define distinctive masculine features. Products are often used in combination to achieve the “full correction.” This can be done over a series of visits, or more rapidly for those wanting to minimize office visits and achieve a more immediate, dramatic result. Dr. Castellon has extensive experience modifying cosmetic procedures to suit individual goals, providing a customized result for every patient.

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